A Note on Neonatal Pneumonic Hemosiderosis

Author(s): Nicolescu Ramona

Idiopathic Pneumonic Hemosiderosis (IPH) could be a uncommon complex substance characterized clinically by intense or repetitive scenes of hemoptysis auxiliary to diffuse alveolar hemorrhage. The radiographic highlights are variable, counting diffuse alveolartype penetrates, and interstitial reticular and micronodular designs. We portray a 3-weekold newborn child showing with hemoptysis and moderate respiratory trouble. Idiopathic aspiratory hemosiderosis was the primary working conclusion at the Crisis Division and was affirmed, 2 weeks afterward, by histological considers (bronchoalveolar lavage). The immunosuppressive treatment by 1 mg/kg/d prednisone was promptly begun, the child returned domestic on steroid treatment at a dosage of 0,5 mg/kg/d. The determination of idiopathic pneumonic hemosiderosis ought to be evocated at any age, indeed within the neonate, when the clinical introduction (hemoptysis and irregular radiological chest pictures) is unequivocally suggestive.