Open Access Journals The Open Access Journals was founded with a mission to provide free access to scientific literature for quick dissemination of scientific updates and provide source of reference and retrieval free of cost. Research fellows and professors in various disciplines submit works in the form of manuscripts which undergo quality check before being approved for publication. Interventional Cardiology Volume 10, Issue 5 Feasibility safety and efficacy of peripheral arteriographies through radial access Early clinical experience of 40 consecutive cases Ricardo de Souza A Ferreira, Jose L Attab dos Santos, Clemente Greguolo, Jose Fabio Fabris Jr, Marcelo Danzicourt Pinto, Vicente Paulo Resende, Alan Nascimento Paiva, Cesar Franco de Souza, Leandro Coumbis Mandaloufas, Marcio Alves de Urzeda, Patricia de Godoy Bueno, Naiara do Prado Andrade, Renato Sanchez Antonio Left atrial appendage closure in a patient with atrial fibrillation affected by RenduOsler Weber disease Davide Bosi, Fabiana Cozza, Daniela Lina, Angela Guidorossi, Alberto Menozzi Biologic effect of ionizing radiation Julio Cesar Rodriguez Goyes, Nicolas Jaramillo Gomez, Valentina Jaramillo Restrepo, Simon Gaviria, Andrea Hincapie, Eduardo Arias Deformation of coronary stent coronary CT angiography Alejandro Lova, Javier LacunzaRuiz, Angel LopezCuenca