Open Access Journals The Open Access Journals was founded with a mission to provide free access to scientific literature for quick dissemination of scientific updates and provide source of reference and retrieval free of cost. Research fellows and professors in various disciplines submit works in the form of manuscripts which undergo quality check before being approved for publication. Diabetes Management Volume 9, Issue 1 Relationship of body mass index with diabetes and breast cancer biomarkers Rabindra Nath Das, Youngjo Lee, Sabyasachi Mukherjee Seungyoung Oh A clinicians guide to inpatient low carbohydrate diets for remission of type 2 diabetes toward a standard of care protocol Mark Cucuzzella, Adele Hite, Kaitlyn Patterson, Laura Saslow Rory Heath Pharmacokinetic properties of insulin degludec in healthy Chinese subjects Pei Hu, Ji Jiang, Lars Bardtrum Hanne L Haahr Evaluating a dietary pattern in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus The dashd approach Suzanne S Summer , Sarah C Couch , Amy S Shah , Meghan P McNeill , Abigail D Peairs Examining health literacy and healthy lifestyle characteristics as associated with glycemic control among communitydwelling Japanese people Hirohide Yokokawa, Hiroshi Fukuda, Kazutoshi Fujibayashi, Motoyuki Yuasa, Aki Okamoto, Yoshinobu Taneda, Makio Tani, Kazuhiro Sugimoto, Teruhiko Hisaoka Toshio Naito