Open Access Journals The Open Access Journals was founded with a mission to provide free access to scientific literature for quick dissemination of scientific updates and provide source of reference and retrieval free of cost. Research fellows and professors in various disciplines submit works in the form of manuscripts which undergo quality check before being approved for publication. Diabetes Management Volume 8, Issue 6 The potential role of male bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells of diabetic female rats Karim Samy ElSaid, Amany Abdel hamid Ezz, Amira Ragab El Barky Tarek Mostafa Mohamed Self management ability mediates the relationship of diabetes mellitus patients activeness in prolanis with their quality of life Rapitos Sidiq, John Amos, Widdefrita, Novelasari , Faridah Hanum A doubleblind placebocontrolled pilot study of daily oral supplementation of lysulin in people with type 2 diabetes John F Burd, Vivianne Noetzel, Adriana Gonzalez and Francisco Alberto Alvarez Melero