The Open Access Journals was founded with a mission to develop a reliable platform and to provide unrestricted access to scientific literature for rapid dissemination of recent updates in various disciplines of science and technology. Readers can have access with no cost and avail the facility to enrich their scientific understanding in the relevant topics.

Research scholars, faculty members and academicians of various disciplines are invited to submit their novel contributions in the form of original manuscripts which will undergo quality check before being approved for publication. Publisher will promote the published articles across world-wide web through different social media following the open access regulations.

Reliable source for scientific information, resources and guidance has been the need of the hours for the scientific community which is been fulfilled by the publishing sector. Open Access publishing model is quenching such requirement moving a step ahead.

This platform with a sole aim of providing the most trusted scientifically authentic information is launched to support the latest logical scientific initiatives. The motto of the Open Access Journals is to promote flawless, unbiased research information and data, by maintaining at most transparency and following the already laid international publishing standard.

Recently Published Articles

Masanori Iwanishi*, Choka Azuma, Yuji Tezuka, Yukako Yamamoto, Jun Ito-Kobayashi & Miki Washiyama

Pennie J Taylor*, Kylie Lange, Campbell H Thompson, Wittert Gary & Grant D Brinkworth

Connie A Valdez*, Leah Fitzgerald & Sarah Ziherl Hormachea

Connie Luo, Maria Ines Constantino, Margaret Joy McGill, Timothy Middleton, Ted Wu, Jencia Wong, Stephen Morris Twigg & P Jean Ho*

Onset patterns of chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis

Research on Chronic Diseases, Research Article, 2018 , 1-30

Meredyth Anne Evans, Leonard A. Jason*